Служба поддержки Деко Инжиниринг

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The beginning of spring


And it is not important that бегемотик has thought that it at it brains follow (a droplet has fallen to top and slowly rolled down on a wrinkled cheek). The hippopotamus has thought that all... Now it will be absolutely silly. He has recollected, how his mother бегемотиха spoke: "you will yawn Here strongly, at you the brain will flow out". And here - happens!!!

Hopped-up, he desperately rushed about on a shelter when all the others rejoiced to arrival of spring. But, having a rich arsenal of complexes, the hippopotamus thought that all laugh that now it is silly. And it angered him. When he tried to tell everything that at it the brain has flowed out - the laughter was distributed, animals went for a drive by the ground and knocked pads in a laughter attack.

The witty sparrow has understood, why the hippopotamus is suppressed. It has flown up to it and has offered in the beak, having flown through a mouth of a hippopotamus, to return it its brain. Since then they became the best friends.

Here so in the spring in our zoo the friendship and pure feelings arises.