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Horses skip

Horses skipHorses skip

But cows at us obstinate. They very much take offence, when them назвают women. They speak: "We not women, we are Tyolochki"!

But nevertheless, this day in our zoo always passes in iridescent atmosphere. Hares go to rabbits, opossums to gophers, horses to cows, snakes to hamsters (the truth they go to have dinner, but it too attention).... And only the hedgehog does not go anywhere. He does not love this holiday. And it is final, after all it would be desirable, that him have congratulated, but it the muzhik. And dreamt to be woman. Here also sits, will grieve this light day. But for a man's holiday all gets drunk also destroys on the way, shouts: "I the muzhik! Give me a bear! I will fill up it!!!"

Yes, it is cheerful to us in the Zoo from the Paper.