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Develop on me a skating rink

Develop on me a skating rink

But testa is a thing... Eleonora at all did not represent that it as she thought, the useless outgrowth on a back will keep her life. Still as soon as she was born and has seen the reflexion in water, she has decided to devote the life to deleting of this "outgrowth". For this purpose every morning rubbed about a rough bark of a tree and stones the testa. By improbable strains for 100 years the armour was erased on 1 see.

And here such news - will work the strange car in a zoo.... Certainly for a week before Eleonora has crept out of the cage and has gone to a place of prospective work of the stacker. And the distance was not close - 15 metres. And for the seventh days of a way without meal and water it has reached this place and has hidden...

When all animals have run not to get under this unit, Eleonora silently moving lips read psalms and thought that now all will come to an end that the car for one minute will make that she tried to make here 100 years. In dreams it was already without an armour, quickly ran and jumped on a zoo. And here Eleonora has disappeared under a skating rink...

All have rushed to rescue a turtle but when the skating rink has left, all have heard testudinate's action. Eleonora has been upset that its plan so has broken. But she has understood that an armour it not an outgrowth, and its protection. Now we in a zoo of one spiteful have more.