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Zhirafy tetanus

Zhirafy tetanus

Watchman Mihalych has decided to understand this history. How the is melancholic-adjusted giraffe could give in to a temptation and taste devil, according to Mihalycha, food? Probably the reason in a course of life of a giraffe. He was born on coast of Nile where it was full of crocodiles and fish. Every morning began at it with a struggle kind for a life between fishes and crocodiles. Certainly, not fishes were the winner in these fights. The decayed remains of fish together with its caviar got on coast where their Giraffe, choking, tasted, because there was nothing to eat more that year droughts. The giraffe swore to itself that it is more in a life will never eat caviar. And here such fact...

Probably a giraffe have induced it to do? But who and what for? The answer was on a surface. All life the poacher hunted for a giraffe. It him приследовал since the birth, trying to kill. And when we have taken away a giraffe in our zoo, the meaning of the life for the poacher has been lost. And he has decided to live by a principle, I will not kill - so I will do much harm. And, knowing about not love of a giraffe to caviar, on all money has bought it and has come to a zoo... Under a barrel of a pistol the giraffe and not would make the such. And so it has got off with only psychological frustration.

We ask you if you see this poacher (a images are stuck on cages of our zoo) immediately собщите by Mihalychu (to find it it is possible at an elephant in a cage, he there lives). Thanks for cooperation.