Служба поддержки Деко Инжиниринг

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All since January, 10th!


On January, 10th - day of the Forgotten pupil. We will achieve to make this holiday the all-Russian day off which will begin minute of silence on all untimely deceased small animals from us.

We actively struggle with poachers, and also we are engaged in a conclusion of new kinds of animals which can stand for itself and, can, once seize power. Among our tests - Brainelephant (is able to consider three-value figures, but there is also a minus: brainelephant, considering, loudly hiccups and chaotically blows), Pelikan Dilko (can remember a lot of information, but is not able to present correctly it because of what embarrasses and reddens), the Walrus of Bajun (can quickly float, but hates water).

We hope, you will help us with our undertakings and will not disregard animals. Once again with a holiday!!!