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To us there came a cat from an animated cartoon!

To us there came a cat from an animated cartoon!

The detour on a zoo the cat who prayed for all to name its Dandelion, has begun with a cage with hares. Behind amicable tea drinking, the cat imperceptibly added an unknown hot drink to the cup. Therefore already after three cups independently leave a cage could not and sang obscene songs, speaking that it is a hymn of all Dandelions.

Inspectors of a zoo have transferred a cat to a shelter of frogs. Frogs, loudly croaking, tried to recover обмягшего the Dandelion, splashing on it water. Having regained consciousness, the cat has thought that it again in the war and has started to rush frogs in living on the neighbourhood with a shelter of a brown bear. The bear has not been warned about visit of the visitor to the Zoo, therefore having beheld as the wet cat rushes frogs, has started to rub the eyes, without trusting in an event, and to call the doctor in the cage. And who could assume that the Dandelion by the first trade the Doctor. Cat, not up to the end having sobered up, has solved that the Bear requires in psychosurgery and has asked to bring in a cage a fret saw and a saw... The Scared bear has started to shout and ask the help. Thanks to vigilance of a bear, the cat has been excluded from guests of honour of a zoo.

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Dvoeuhy hare

Dvoeuhy hare

Yes, at normal hares and so two ears! But at this hare ухи grow not lengthways, and across a head!!! A strange hare in our zoo from now on!